• Drip Coffee



    Brazil Sitio Seriema | Our current house drip is from the region of Caconde, São Paulo, Brazil.  Sitio Seriema is also known as the Brazilian Roadrunner, an elegant bird that lives in the area where the farm is located.  This coffee has note of pecan, maple syrup, and a mandarin-like acidity (as of December 31, 2020).

    Longitude 123 | A medium-roasted and balanced blend for drip that we always keep on our retail shelf, delivering a sweet and flavourful cup that represents the freshest coffee of the season.

    We serve other seasonal drip coffees as a single cup via a v60 pourover.  Our retail drip menu is always changing due to the seasonality of coffee and availability to our roaster. Visit us in shop to see our current menu. – CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE.