• Herbal Tea


    Citrus Chamomile | A bright, citrus pop to a chamomile tea.

    Crimson Berry Tisane | Tisane tea and bright dried berries with a tart finish.

    Mint Bergamot | Peppermint tea leaves blended with spearmint tea leaves, providing a light bergamot finish.

    Strawberry Mint | Mint tea blended with strawberries – delicious hot or iced.

    Lush Pear | subtleness of ripe pear is evident in this organic fruit infusion, great iced! (Seasonal)

    Pink Grapefruit | certified organic tea with notes of tarty grapefruit and sweet pineapple.  (Seasonal)

    Pina Colada | a deep red infusion of a non-alcoholic pina colada, it is loaded with coconut shards and dried pineapple. (Seasonal)

    Sweet Sanctum | rich and aromatic blend of holy basil & turmeric root that elicits sweet notes of liquorice root and mango. (Seasonal)