We serve coffee that’s roasted by Forty Ninth Parallel coffee roasters. We like their philosophy when it comes to coffee – that every cup should be a unique representation of its region, and taste delicious. They work directly with farmers internationally, a support system which ensures the farmers’ benefit to the trade, and ensures the roaster that the farmer shares the same commitment and passion for the craft that they do.



A medium-roasted and balanced blend for drip that we always keep on our retail shelf, delivering a sweet and flavourful cup that represents the freshest coffee of the season.


Our current house drip is from the region of Caconde, São Paulo, Brazil. Sitio Seriema is also known as the Brazilian Roadrunner, an elegant bird that lives in the area where the farm is located. This coffee has note of pecan, maple syrup, and a mandarin-like acidity (as of December 31, 2020).



The current components of Old School consist of coffee from Limmu, Oromia region in Ethiopia and Pitalito, Huila in Colombia. We love to serve this espresso in house everyday. A nod to traditional espresso, this blend is roasted to the medium to dark range and offers a delicious balance of full body and low acidity, with notes of cocoa, caramel, and molasses (as of December 3, 2020).


A lightly roasted coffee from Gedeo Gedeb,Ethiopia that delivers an incredibly sweet, clean espresso with floral notes and bright acidity (as of September 25, 2020).


Served in house everyday, this blend consists of coffee from West Valley in Costa Rica and has sweet notes of caramel and cocoa. Using a mechanism specifically designed to filter out the caffeine molecule, Swiss Water Process aims to remove caffeine from coffee without impacting the existing flavours of the beans. First the coffee is soaked in pure water, and the resulting green coffee is sent through a carbon filter before the green coffee extract is introduced back to the coffee, but without the caffeine.