The current components of Old School consist of coffee from Limmu, Oromia region in Ethiopia and Pitalito, Huila in Colombia. We love to serve this espresso in house everyday. A nod to traditional espresso, this blend is roasted to the medium to dark range and offers a delicious balance of full body and low acidity, with notes of cocoa, caramel, and molasses (as of December 3, 2020).


A lightly roasted coffee from Gedeo Gedeb, Ethiopia that delivers an incredibly sweet, clean espresso with floral notes and bright acidity (as of September 25, 2020).


Served in house everyday, this blend consists of coffee from West Valley in Costa Rica and has sweet notes of caramel and cocoa. Using a mechanism specifically designed to filter out the caffeine molecule, Swiss Water Process aims to remove caffeine from coffee without impacting the existing flavours of the beans. First the coffee is soaked in pure water, and the resulting green coffee is sent through a carbon filter before the green coffee extract is introduced back to the coffee, but without the caffeine.



The unique brew method of the Aeropress provides a rich and smooth coffee flavour with less bitterness, and no grounds left in the cup. The ease and size of the Aeropress make it ideal for travelers, as well as for coffee enthusiasts or coffee beginners.

*Filters Available


The Chemex is a piece of coffee history. First developed in 1941 in Germany, the goal behind the Chemex was to create an “attractive, yet simple and fabulous vessel”. The Chemex still delivers smooth, clean coffee with ease.

*Filters Available


A revolutionary French Press designed and developed out of Vancouver BC – this French Press is double filtered, double walled, and vacuum-sealed. Its design eliminates gritty, oily coffee that is usually perceived with a French Press, and instead yields a clean, delicious coffee. Your coffee will also stay hot and will not continue to brew once it has been pressed down. The Espro Press – while designed for coffee – can also brew tea or hot chocolate with ease.

Two sizes available: Medium/Large


The Brewt is an ingenious and multipurpose way to steep your favourite beverages with ease. It is ideal for tea, coffee, or hot chocolate; its filter at the bottom collects any leaves or grinds, creating a beautifully steeped beverage.


A simple manual brew method that offers an exceptionally clean cup of coffee. Suitable for manual brew beginners, or an experienced coffee enthusiast; the v60 will not disappoint.

*Filters Available